Latest Club One Events

Thu Feb 22 @07:00PM
Adv Waltz
Thu Feb 22 @07:45PM
Adv Quickstep
Fri Feb 23 @07:00PM
Latin Class
Sat Feb 24 @01:30PM
Int Tango
Sat Feb 24 @02:15PM
Int Foxtrot

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Do I need a partner for the private lesson?

Not at all! Our teachers will dance with you and help you in your private lessons. They will dance with you to give you a reference and feel of each step and guide you through the learning process. You'll have so much fun with our Teachers during your private lesson that you'll want to come back and book more lessons that same week! Whether you are a single individual or dancing with your significant other during a Private Lesson we'll still guide you through the dance and make you have fun while you learn!

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