Latest Club One Events

Tue Apr 24 @07:00PM
Beg/Int Am VWaltz
Tue Apr 24 @07:45PM
Beg/Int Bachata
Wed Apr 25 @07:00PM
Int ChaCha
Wed Apr 25 @07:45PM
Int Samba
Thu Apr 26 @07:00PM
Adv Waltz

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What parties do you offer?

We offer many themed parties as well as parties for the general public. Some of the parties we offer include the following:

  • Salsa Night Party
  • Practice Night Party
  • Ballroom/Latin Party

Check our Calendar regularly for updates in our schedule and for more parties as they come up. Or, you can Contact Us with some party ideas of your own and we'll try and create a party out of them.

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