Latest Club One Events

Tue Apr 24 @07:00PM
Beg/Int Am VWaltz
Tue Apr 24 @07:45PM
Beg/Int Bachata
Wed Apr 25 @07:00PM
Int ChaCha
Wed Apr 25 @07:45PM
Int Samba
Thu Apr 26 @07:00PM
Adv Waltz

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2018 Spring Showcase Party is Coming

ClubOne will be presenting the 2018 Spring Showcase party on March the 24th. starting at 6:30 pm and ends at about 11:00 pm. Participants will include adults, children and professionals.There will be lots of dancing between showcases. The party will end with professional shows. Admission will be $30, which includes the cater dinner before the party. Reserve your seats soon and before March, the 18th

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